May 2007

In May I did Steadicam Operation for a web promo for a Chicago bar. This was a short comedic piece portraying the ignominious aftermath of a hard night of partying.

Brian Cagle portrayed the Man in the Panda costume. The camera used for this shoot was the Panasonic HVX200.

Carl Wiedemann: Steadicam operation with the HVX200Brian Cagle

Brian Cagle Carl Wiedemann: Steadicam operation with the HVX200

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  Atalee Judy in burned down factory photo by Carl Wiedemann
Photo's shot while Carl & Atalee were location scouting for BONEdanse|Breakbone's new 'datastarve' dance film.

Atalee Judy

Atalee Judy of BONEdanse|Breakbone DanceCo.