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Carl Wiedemann - Owner/Operator

Carl Wiedemann : Chicago Steadicam Operator, Videographer, FilmmakerI have worked as a Steadicam Operator within a wide variety of genres for over 15 years. I have experience on commercials, industrials, music videos, indie features, dramatic shorts, and live broadcasting. I am based in Chicago. My Steadicam demo reel can be viewed here >>.

Steadicam Gear: Full Size Rigs
    Steadicam EFP and 3a sleds. Cinema Products and Steadyrig arms
    With these rigs I have flown a variety of cameras, including: Sony (F900, F55, F3, FS7), Red Cams (Red One, MX, Weapon, Epic, Dragon, Scarlet), Arri Alexa, Amira, Alexa Mini, Canon (1D, 5D, 6D, C100, C300), Panasonic (full size VariCams, AF100). Film cameras: Arri SR 2 + 3, Aaton XTR, Arri 2C + 3, BLs 3 & 4. Both rigs have been re-wired for HD-SDI video and have updated power conectors. Historical EFP video here

  • Bartech Focus Device (wireless system with Heden M26P motor).
  • SD video transmitter to portable hand held monitors
  • Anton Bauer batteries: 4 x 130 wh, 2 x 190 wh
  • SmallHD 702 Bright Monitor: 7” monitor (w/ HD-SDI and HDMI inputs, cross conversion, adjustable frame lines).
  • Marshall Transflective 6.5" monitor (w/ HDMI input, adjustable frame lines).

Steadicam Accessories
  • Zacuto Universal Baseplate with 15mm rods and Zwiss plates with Anton Bauer battery mounts with P-tap output.
  • Vehicle mount (Mitchell Base, Hi hat legs, wheelchair).
  • Low mode cages (Cinema Products original and Baer-Bel sushi server).
  • Long arm posts for “high mode” operation.
  • Redbyte Decimator 1: 3G/HD to SD Down Converter with aspect ratio conversion.
  • Cinematic Precision Arri Alexa Mounting Plate
  • Decimator MD-Cross Converter (HDMI-to-SDI and SDI-to-HDMI conversion)
  • Video tap compatible with "older" (12 volt mode) Arriflex cameras
    (including the Arri S, SR's 1+2, 16BL, 35III, IIC + 35BLs 1-4).
  • Heden AE-2 Focus Control Box and second MP26 Motor (as back up unit or to pull iris).
  • Magliner Gemini Jr. Cart.
  • SmallHD DP4 monitor (as camera top monitor)

Steadicam Gear: Medium Range Rig
    Steadicam Flyer LE
    This rig supports payloads up to 18 pounds and is ideal for fully accessorized smaller cameras (including the Panasonic AF100, HVX200, Canon DSLRs, C100, C300, the Sony EX-3 as well as other shoulder mount camcorders. I've also used this rig with the Red Epic, Scarlett, and Sony F3 and FS7 in basic configurations.

Steadicam Gear: Small Rig
    Steadicam Pilot
    This rig supports up to 10 pounds of camera gear, essentially unaccessorized smaller cameras (including the Panasonic AF100, HVX200, HMC150, DVX100, Sony EX1, Canon DSLRs, C100, C300).

  • Anton Bauer batteries
  • Video transmitter to hand held LCD monitor.
  • Sliding baseplate with riser block and 18" carbon fiber rods.
  • Low mode bracket. Extention rods for "high mode" operation
  • Lanc Control for Panasonic Cameras (zoom only)
  • Zoom/Iris/Focus controller (cabled) for Panasonics (HVX200, HMC150, DVX100B)

My Cameras
  • Canon 6D (full frame), 7D and 60D DSLRs with Hi Def' video mode (records at 1080 and 720 resolutions at 30p and 24p)
  • Panasonic HMC150 AVCCAM Hi Definition video camera with 30p and 24p modes. Records to SD cards at 1080 and 720 resolutions
  • Arriflex S/B 16mm m.o.s camera with a crystal sync motor.

Panasonic HPX500 shoot.
Panasonic HPX500 shoot.
Arri Alexa on Steadicam
Arri Alexa on Steadicam.
Carl with Sony F900R in snowy Chicago.
Carl with Sony F900R in snowy Chicago.
Shooting dance with DSLR on Flyer LE rig.
Shooting dance with DSLR on Flyer LE rig.
Music Video shoot with Red Epic on EFP sled.
Music Video shoot with Red Epic on EFP sled.
Soundstage shoot with Panasonic AF100.
Soundstage shoot with Panasonic AF100.
Sony F3 on PRO sled with Steadyrig arm.
Sony F3 on PRO sled with Steadyrig arm.
Sony F55 on Steadicam.
Sony F55 on Steadicam.
Extra low with the Aaton XC 16mm camera.
Extra low with the Aaton XC 16mm camera.
Music Video with Red Epic on PRO sled.
Music Video with Red Epic on PRO sled.

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  • Internet Movie Database A partial listing of feature films, shorts and broadcast projects I've worked on.
  • My Steadicam Operators Association. listing.
  • My ProductionHUB listing.
    Steadicam Credits

    Industrial | Corporate | Commercials | TV

    Abbott Labs, Abstract: The Art of Design, Aircell, American College of Cardiology, American Crew, American Docs, American Society for Healthcare Risk Management, BET Network, Brightstar Corp, Bellator Fighting Championships, Bud Light, Buddig, Buick, Cablevision, Caffarelli & Siegel law firm, Cassidy Tire, Caterpillar, CDW, Centene, Chamberlain, Cheeky Chicago, Chevy Malibu, Chicago Board Options Exchange, Chicago Dream House Raffle, Citadel, Comcast SportsNet Chicago, Continental Furniture, CVS, The Daily Show, DDB Needham, Dyson Vacuums, First Chicago, First NonProfit Group, Forbes Travel Guide, Fresh Wave, G + W Electric, Gillette Razors, de Giulio Kitchen Design, Goshen Center for Cancer Care, Greenwood Associates, Hilton Hotels, Jayco RV, Kellogg School of Business, Kerry Ingredients, LG vacuums, Loyola University, Lucent Technologies, Magnificent Mile Association, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Mexico: One Plate at a Time, Microsoft, Mulitiplex Clubs, Museum of Science and Industry, MySpace Live, Navistar, Nicole Meret, Nintendo Wii, Peak6 Investments, Porsche Exchange, QVC Network, Qvidian Playbook, Restoration Hardware, Rockford Health System, SB Nation: Core of Sports, Sears Chef Challenge, Second City Communications, Seyfarth Shaw, Seqway Chicago, Shure Microphones, Steve Harvey, Topco, Trend Micro, Tribune Media , Trump Hotel Chicago, US Cellular , Underwriters Laboratories, United Airlines, Univision PSA, Univision TV Promo, Veuve Cliequot, Wave Vodka, Wrigleys Gum, Yale Forklifts.


    Arlen Music, Clawfinger, Drama, Lupe Fiasco, Front Line Assembly, Brett Eldridge, Gillette/Twenty Fingers, Carolyn Hoerdemann, I See Stars, Court Jester, Hugh Laurie (band documentary), The Legendary Traxster, Ramsey Lewis, Lil Durk, Kelsey Montanez (10,000 Bombs, Out of Sight), Napalm Death, oh my god, Paramore, Poe, Gayle Ritt, R5, Ramsen Sheeno, Ysanne Spevack, T.I, Tomi, Villain, Wickerman, The Willis Clan, Young Chop, Zona Man.


    20-22, After Effect, Animals, 8 of Diamonds, Bullet on a Wire, The Blank Page, Farewell Darkness, Happily After, The Last Days of British Honduras, Loopers: A Caddie’s Life, Nightlights, Polish Wedding, The Rake, Roundabout American, Two Rivers, Without Borders, You May Not Kiss the Bride.


    I have been a paid Steadicam Operator on well over 70 student film projects since 1995. Approximately half of these were shot on 16mm film and originated from Northwestern University and Columbia College in Chicago. In 2010 I began working on DePaul University and Flashpoint Academy projects, typically shot on the Red Cam. I have also worked professionally on School of the Art Institute related features and shorts as well as on numerous independent shorts, experimental films and art projects including: Adorno/Bueller, The Advanced Technological Regression of Nestor Talbot, The Alchemy of Comedy, Beer Float, The Caseys, Chase, A City to Make Me, Debt of the Heart, The Devolution of Ethan Chadwick, Diversion, Don’t Know What it is, Emmett's Last Stand, Fading to Photograph, Flat Chested, The Girl in Blue, A Heretic’s Primer, The Janitor's Closet, Keeper, The Kiss, The Last Cosmonaut, Last Light, Lionel on a SunDay, Marathon, My Lovers Moods, Not With a Bang, On Falling, Palooka, The Perfect Skate, Rather Lovely Thing, Reservations, Streamline, Taco Mary, Trapped in the Closet: Chapters 23-33, Two Days in Limbo, Unbridled.


    From 2003 to 2013 I did Steadicam shooting for BONEdanse|Breakbone DanceCo documenting both live performances and shooting site specific pieces utilizing Steadicam Videography. Since 2008 I’ve done Steadicam shooting for performance documentaion and dance films for Cindy Brandle Dance Company, Colleen Halloran Films (Playland), Dances Made to Order: Wasteland, Dropshift Dance, Khecari Dance Theatre, Nadia Oussenko, The Space / Movement Project, Synapse Arts Collective, and Willful Acts, Zephyr Dance..


    Since 2010 I’ve shot wedding b-roll with my smaller Steadicam rigs (Pilot and Flyer LE) with DSLR cameras. Clients include: Joshua Albanese Photography, Delack Media Group, Front Row View Films, Leap Weddings, R.E.M. Video and Photography, Sami Studio, and Xpress Video Productions. View a demo here or here.