Dance Videography

Dance Documentation - Post production options
  • Basic DVD Authoring & Video Editing
    I can do a clean up edit of your footage and make a chaptered DVD. This includes mixing the audio and removing long gaps between performances (if applicable). This DVD will also include a titled menu page and chapter marks for each piece, or section, of the show.


  • Quicktime or MP4 file conversion
    Most contemporary computers have software that can work with the AVCHD video files created by my video camera. However, some older Apple computers require that the footage is converted for viweing or editing via iMovie or third party software. If this is a nusisance for you I can convert the video to Quicktime files for editing or MP4 files for viewing and tranfer them to your hard drive for an additional charge.


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Dance Documentation and Performance Film Credits Include:

Aerial Dance Chicago
Art Union Humanscape
Olive Bieringa
Peter Carpenter
Chicago Moving Company
Asimina Chremos
Cindy Brandle Dance Company
Colleen Halloran Films
Kate Corby
The Dance COLEctive
Dances Made to Order: Wasteland
Dropshift Dance
Elements Contemporary Ballet
Evanston Dance Ensemble
Instruments of Movement
Khecari Dance Theatre
Molly Shanahan / Mad Shak
Momentum Sensorium
The Nettelhorst School
Nadia Oussenko
Dmitri Peskov
RTG Dance
Same Planet Different World
Nana Shineflug
Lin Shook
The Space/Movement Project
Synapse Arts Collective
University of Chicago
Willful Acts

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